The functions of art

Art always has a purpose, whether it be for beauty, for worship, or to say something. 

The building The Parthenon is Art for Persuasion because it is intended to inspire worshiping the goddess Athena. Construction began in 447 BC and was made during the prime of the Athenian empire. The Parthenon also reminds you of the level of power that the Athenians had during that time. To be able to make something of that magnitude at that period in time is very impressive. The architects Phidias, Ictinus, Callicrates did an astounding job at inspiring us to know what kind of power the Athenians had and for us to worship their patron goddess.
This piece by Rashida Rana is Art for Commemoration because it is a picture of the tomb of Emperor Jahangir. It is very interesting to me because it is made with mobile phone cards which tells us that historical places like this are now becoming way more urban and it makes me remember how probably once was. Not only does it commemorate the Emperor Jahangir, it also commemorates the olden civilization because there are few parts of it that still exist now since urbanization has happened.
This is a bronze statue of the crucified Jesus Christ. It was made in 1650 by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, an Italian sculptor and architect. This statue is Art in Worship and Ritual because the people of the Catholic faith use it for worship and prayer. I am not overly familiar with the Catholic faith, but I do know that the crucifix is a picture of Jesus up on the cross, just like this statue is and it is on the catholic rosarie beads used for prayer. This bronze statue is magnificent and it really makes you think about Jesus and God the Father.
There is no way in getting around the fact that this is Art as self expression. It is a self portrait of artist Jorgen Aabye a Danish artist. I really like the brush strokes he used and the light on his face brightens up the picture for me. He appears to be a very serious man and he is famous for his portraits and his religious works.
Mt. Penglai (mountain of immortals) (1948) is a color on silk painting. TO me it is most definitely Art in Delight because it is simply beautiful. It does not have anything to worship, it is not saying much, it is not persuading anyone to do anything, and it is not a portrait or anything about someone. It is just simply beautiful. It does make me want to visit a place like this, I could just sit back and look at a place like this for hours. Art in delight to me is just to say "Hey, look at me. I am beautiful." and to me this painting does just that.
Pieter Brugel Elder made this painting with oil on an oak panel and it was to portray the proverbs. It was to let us see that man does thing that are simply just stupid at times. We get upset over things we cannot change and we sometimes just "hit our head on a brick wall", by doing things over and over again that just hurt us. This piece is definitely Art in commentary because it has so much to say to us. It tells me that I should probably rethink some things I do in my daily life that may or may not be pointless.
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