mythological creatures

Art of creatures and other un-average things the eye doesn't see everyday.      Created By: Morgan Schmidt

In this preserved text is a sire and a centaur. A siren was half woman, half bird. They lure sailors with charm and beautiful voice. A centaur is half human, half horse. There were portrayed as beast.
This is a marble sanctuary screen. It depicts a twin tailed mermaid. Fun fact, this is the same mermaid on your Starbucks coffee cup. This mermaid is known for obsession, addiction and death.
This is a sculpture of a fairy made out of stainless steel. It is labeled as "fairy". This particular sculpture was created in 2006 by a man named Park, Chan Girl of Korea.
This is a Folio type of art. Its made out of tempera colors, gold leaf, and ink on parchment. This artwork depicts Saint George rescuing a princess from a dragon. In the border, the parents watch.
This oil painting on canvas of Medusa was given to Grand Duke Ferdinando by Cardinal Francesco Maria del Monte in 1598. It has been displayed as part of a suit of armor, acting like a wooden shield.
This work of art is a drawing of witches preparing to fly, done in 1797. The artist of this drawing was Spanish. This is made from brush and black ink and gray wash on laid paper.
This painting of Pallas and the Centaur is tempera on canvas. It was created in 1482, as a wedding gift to Lorenzo, the cousin of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de'Medici. de'Medici was the artist as well.
This painting of a circus like poster is entitled CIRCUS MAIDEN, and is acrylic on canvas. It's a newer art piece, although made to look older. The artist of this is from the Philippines.
This is actually a hanging scroll, created in Japan by an artist named 横山大観, which translates to Yokoyama Taikan. It was created in 1937 with ink on paper.
This oil on canvas painting depicts "Tor's fight with the giants", according to mythology, thunder and lightning occur when the Æsir god Thor is angered. Thor was the son of Odin.
Credits: All media
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