Portraits Ranging From Hyperrealistic to Nonrepresentational 

A portrait is an attempt to capture a person's likeness. However, the interpretation of a person's likeness is up to the artist. This gallery will explore portraits ranging from hyperrealistic to nonrepresentational. These two very unique styles of art are meant to test the viewer and push boundaries. Hyperrealism creates the illusion of reality and is meant to mimic a high resolution photograph. On the other hand, nonrepresentational, or abstract works do not attempt to capture a physical likeness but the essence of the subject. Characteristics of abstract art are often found in its shapes, forms, colors, and textures

This piece is an example of nonrepresentational art. The dark colors used give a solemn fear to the painting. Also the shading out side of the lines implies motion. By taking these different elements you can draw your own conclusion to the meaning captured in this. This figure while abstracted is still vaguely recognizable as a person. I chose this piece for the gallery because it is not totally abstracted.
Rossin's piece is a prime example of a hyperrealistic portrait. It takes a good look at it to see that it is not a photograph and even then it is hard to believe. Every line, shadow, and light is done in a way that it exactly mimics a high quality picture.
I chose this painting because of the face hidden in the color. The vibrant yellow of the painting radiates happiness to me. I was also caught by the intensity of the woman's eyes, they stand out to me, as well as her smile.
This hyperrealistic painting really catches my eye because of the emotion you can see in the picture. The smile on his face looks too real to be painted.
This is my favorite abstract work because if you were to just look at the shadow you would see a person sitting, but the colors, shapes, and dimensions added make it harder to see. I like that Rivera incorporated common shapes like the guitar into her body, because to me that makes a statement about the woman he was painting.
The first thing to catch my eye in this piece is the detail in the muscle. The contours in the soccer player's leg are so real that it makes it hard to believe it was painted.
This abstract is interesting because it is entitled to be a self portrait. It makes me wonder how the artist sees himself in order to draw his essence in such a bizarre way. This must carry great meaning to the artist, but also leaves a lot of room for imagination for those viewing it.
This is a different style of hyperrealism created especially to look like an antique photograph. I find the texture of the girl's hair to be fascinating because it is so detailed and so real.
I chose this painting in particular because I see it as an in between of abstract and realist art. Some of the facial feature are very real, and definitely not abstract, but the bright yellows and swirls imply an abstract quality.
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