No event in the history of all creation has ever chaptered the hearts and minds of people from all races, colors, and nations like the "nativity scene". These oil paintings will give you the viewing of the (Son of God) with His mother, step-father, the angels and witnesses too. 

This painting has the line of main viewing shown with the manger shinning and the young family shinning too, with halos around the mother, the step father, the baby Jesus. While the rest of the painting shows evening time an all of the animals are around/ the city is also shown around the manger.
This painting has the angels flying over the mother, step-father, the baby Jesus. The step-father is named (Joseph). He is holding his robe together and holding a shepherd's rod in his hand. The mother (Marry) in kneeling down and worshiping the baby.
This painting shows the mother, step-father, the baby Jesus, the shepherds, the angels under a cloud which gives the impression of evening time,
This painting gives a contrast between the birth of Jesus/ Cesar. Cesar is being shown as a god and have many followers. Jesus only has 3 followers.
This painting the baby Jesus is surrounded by His mother, step-father, shepherds, a maid servant.
This painting give the impression of night time and the mother is being carried into a graveyard and talking to a woman.
This painting shows the host of heaven looking down upon the angel holding the baby Jesus. Marry kneeling down holding her arms together.
This paining has the mother holding a gift over the baby Jesus's head while He is reaching out for it. The step-father is in the background watch them play.
This painting shows the family with the shepherds sitting in the back of a building with the time looking like mid-evening.
This painting heaven is looking at the family together. the mother holding the sheet that the baby Jesus is laying on, the step-father is using his left hand to help hold the sheet.
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