Powerful reds

In this painting I felt that the use of all the blood showed a sense of anguish and pain. I felt the blood around the frame showed this as well. The woman depicted is clearly dead or severely wounded.
I felt this sketch done in a reddish color depicted the rage or ferocity of the warrior. I think that the choice of red shows a sense of passion and makes this piece "pop" a little bit more.
This painting is very interesting because the red really stands out above the rest of the colors. Even the white of the hen pales in comparison to the deep reds of the rooster who is clearly angry.
I really enjoy this piece because it really uses the black in order to make the reds stand out. Excellent contrast of red and black. The use of red and black also exemplifies the title "aggression".
This graffiti mural makes use of many colors, but I felt that the reds stand out more than the rest. The reds seem to show fiery passion and are used very well in the fire and other outlining objects.
I feel that the red garment worn by Tor is the main focus of this piece. He stands out far more than everything else and is fighting passionately. The use of red really captures the emotion as well.
I chose this piece because it is very emotional and you can see what is happening in the scene. The deep reds/browns in this painting really makes the people depicted pop out and adds to the emotion.
This sculpture was chosen because of the clear use of red flames. The depict power, strength, and superiority. This looks to be a possible deity and the use of red really stands out against the bronze
This of use captures what i assume to be autumn. It is a beautiful variation of reds. Shows the beauty of nature and the seasons and truly stands out against the houses and waterfall.
This piece depicts a very "zombie-like" woman draped in a deep red cloth. The use of a darker dry red seems to add to the slight darkness of the piece. It almost looks like it portrays unhappiness.
Very very bright bold strokes of red and even the background is red. I feel that this use of red shows passion and much emotion. Its a beautiful combination of colors but red was chosen as the focus.
I felt the use of red in this piece was used to show royalty and power. You can clearly see this is a deity of some kind and larger than the rest of the people in the piece. It depicts superiority.
Again a very large use of red. The red is used on her knees, the bedspread, and the walls. I feel that it is used to show emotion, passion, and love. Renato is clearly captivated by this woman.
I chose this piece because the choice of using almost only the color red seemed interesting to me. It depicts a deity dancing and the red very clearly shows the passion and power of this creature.
This piece is my favorite. It is a very strange painting and the use of that deep red carpet really pulls your eyes to the floor. The woman is almost unnoticeable because the carpet distracts you.