Gallery of lines:SAra Linares

This image uses a lot of colors there like a lines going down horizontal way. The colors like blur it's has different shades of blue like light or dark blue.It has nice it has different angles like where it's shaped.
This image looks old in the middle of a ocean with a boat. It looks like there's nobody there because there's only a boat. It looks like stretch there's nice colors.The waves are draw like a real wave it seems like a real wave from in ocean texture looks smooth.
This image show it was in the old times its' doesn't have a lot of color it's black and white or brownish color. It's a place in Brazil in the old times. The shapes in the picture in the building because of the windows and the people. There's a lot of people going walking around.
This image makes me feel like the girl looks sad and she doing something that she loves doing. But in this image there's a lot of colors more like blue. The lines looks messy like a sketch.
This image looks like there was fire in a house blocks aways because of the smoke. The picture looks like a real life drawing that can happen anywhere. There 2 shades of blue in the sky like dark and light blue.
This image looks the people are in a rush and have to do everything quick. There a lot of colors it look old. It seems like if they got it from a movie or a story they thought about it.
It image look different than any of the one I seen because the circle inside of it have different picture in them. There's a lot colors the texture. The feeling of this image is werid or different.
The image has no colors it looks plain but the feeling of it looks sad or dispointed. It look simple it has no colors in a drawing in a big white space.
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