EVOLUTION OF TRANSPORTATION: from horses to horsepower

This exhibition is based upon the evolution of transportation throughout time. From on foot, to in planes, we have definitely come a long way as a society. However, transportation is something that is taken for granted nowadays; with this new technological era of wanting everything immediately. It used to take days, weeks, even months, to transport information or go places a few hundred years ago compared to instantly being able to send information nowadays. Hopefully this exhibition will give examples of the progress made and appreciation necessary.

Dutch Amsterdam Impressionism Depicted here is the Royal Netherlands East Army walking through Rotterdam. They were on their way to the Dutch East Indies, now known as part of Indonesia post WWI.
American (German descent) Muralist Hennings was a member of the Taos Society of Artists, who were a group of men that painted Native Americans, and other elements of Western America. During this time, horses were a huge part of the Native American lifestyle
American (NJ & MA) This image depicts three different generations interacting with each other in a park. Crite was definitely aware of Modernism, however chose a more representational style to help him tell a story for his people (African Americans). Although in this painting the bike isn't the main focus, or used as a means for transportation; but more so leisure; it still helps show the significance in different age groups.
German 1907 The majority of Diemer's works were of subjects related to marine life, coastal landscapes and naval battles. Here is a painting of steamboats sailing through the Sea of Marmara near the Ahirkapi Lighthouse located in Turkey. Steamboats were invented in the late 1700's, however din't become popular until the mid 1850's.
Australian "Australian Impressionism" Streeton was a landscape painter who often traveled by train throughout his life. In this particular painting his main focus was to capture the essence of rain and light. This station was major prior to its destruction in 1874.
Australian-American Impressionism This painting is of a Train Station, not too far from the school where he taught painting classes for two years.The significance of this image is the transition from electric trains to one of the first diesel locomotives in America.
American (NY) Realism This painting gives off a feeling of comfort and unfamiliarity simultaneously. Its depicting a "typical" American neighborhood, but from the perspective of someone who's never seen one before. The "American Dream" created with a brush.
Russian Realism Nissky was one of several important artists in the development of fine arts in the Soviet Union. This is painting of some soldiers watching planes ready to take off. This particular time period is known as the Inter-war Years.
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