The Hidden Layers of Music in Fine Art- By: Steven L. Galimore                                             

According to history and beautiful artwork, my gallery will be based on historical music portraits and the relation of art. I will take a series of portraits, pictures, and paintings and describe the background along with the meaning of art; past and present. I will also draw attention to the knowledge of timeless, prodigious artwork. The exploration of fine art will give onlookers the opportunity to develop a clear understanding and appreciation of fine art.

Tempera and gold leaf on panel canvas, Gherardo Starnina created a replicated painting of the work of the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus. The height and width of this portrait is 34.49 inches x 19.76 inches. Starnina's vivid portrait expresses his devotion towards his religion, the music art of angelic harmony of praising Jesus and his mother, Mary. Movement, pattern and texture of the art piece is dramatic by facial expressions of each character, contrasting different hue's of blue, red's and yellow's (gold) to represent the Holiness of the Saints and their glorification of God.
Swinging in Harlem was a well-noted theme for African Americans in the late 1930's. This portrait brings life to the art of music with history and love on how a variety of cultures can get together, in humble means and enjoy the craft of music in motion. Duke Ellington was one of the great composers of this time and well known for his crafty fingers on piano keys. Also, Erskine Hawkins was one well-known artist of music and was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in the year 1989. His art in the music craft as a trumpeter and bandleader made him an outstanding composer.
Folk Music is considered a storytelling event, relating to extreme life events as of protest, politics or life of slavery. By the year of 1941, Blues and Gospel music was excepted and considered as a genre in Folk form of art. Folk Music relates to art in the form of movement with dance revival, similar to the historical, modern swinging era in the late 1930's.
The portrait of the Musical Band on Guadalcanal was taken of a Large U.S. Marine task force with the intent to conquer the Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal. The photographer of this photo objectives was to capture plenty of soldiers present from a vantage point with a line proceeding horizontally across the portrait. Lastly, the portrait captures the grassy area, filled with soldiers, their facial expressions, huts and homes to bring out the lifestyle on the Solomon Islands.
Female African American singer, Marian Anderson was an American contralto who performed in large venues and famous orchestras in the U.S. & Europe. The portrait noted is her performance which was orchestrated at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, 1947. The architectural style of this venue was constructed in the form of modern art, similar to the pattern and texture of Ancient Greece (Flavian Amphitheatre) Colosseum in Rome. Layered rows of seating for onlookers, the Flavian Amphitheatre and Metropolitan Opera was for staging various forms of entertainment.
Oh, Captain, was a Broadway Musical that was a comedy of the film The Captain's Paradise in the year of 1953. Numerous of songs and extended dance routines were performed during this particular movie, paying tribute to the art of dance, talent and creativity. This trend setting film paved the way for incorporating music and dance into films that we view today. The portrait background pattern displays colour contrast with light color, to bring light to the actors while performing. Also, each backdrop is noted as canvas texture, placing the viewer in the scene at the current time of action.
Another Broadway, Comedy Musical, which brings to light art and craft with relation to music is entitled "The Vamp" (1955). With unique costume designs, The Vamp brought new scenes to the life of music, by adding art to the choreography of the variety of dance movements with chart-topping performances and engaging the viewers in attendance. The Vamp totaled sixty (60) performances from 10 November 1955 until 31 December 1955.
Ars Nova was a Music Group or American band that recorded a total of two albums for the years of 1967 to 1969. The portrait depicted here, shows the former drummer, Joe Hunt, who released his heart and emotions in the art of music. Behind this noted artist, is a canvas mural of Jesus or an angelic creature, combining the art of religion, music in the form of art history.
One of the early pioneers of Rock and Roll Music, Bo Diddley, played the guitar while rhyming and dedicated his heart, soul and passion into the songs that he released. Once Bo Diddley received his first major record deal in the year 1955, he created the very first album that started the genre of Rhythm and Blues. This portrait depicts confidence, dedication, sincerity, love and passion of Bo Diddley's music with relation to the history of art.
In the year 1981, the rap group Run DMC were entitled one of the most influential acts in the history of hip hop music. By the year of 1984, they were nominated for a Grammy Award and were the first, in the history of hip-hop to have an album that went gold. By the looks of the portrait, it shows the confidence of these individual, young artist, starving for greatness and raising the bar for the art of music and hip hop culture. Run DMC's concerts consist of a mixture of Rock and Rap Music, which presented love for the nature of music contrasting over to mythologies fondness, the King's of Rock.
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