Captured Lilies

Paintings, photographs, street art, and even paper weights are just a few of the many ways one of nature's most beautiful creations is captured. This is a small collection of various types of lilies, captured in unique ways.

This work of art is an oil on canvas by Claude Monet. It is my most favorite interpretation of water lilies, therefore, it is the first work included in my personal art exhibition.
"Pond with Water Lilies" is an oil on canvas comes from a period of many water lily paintings created by Monet. This painting contains a more reflective pond with a clear view of all the lilies.
This oil on canvas is of the Eurasian Martagon lilies. This flower comes in many colors. My grandmother has many photographs of these lilies in her home, and this painting reminds me of her.
This oil panting shows the beauty and class of the lily flower. This artist uses white lilies to portray purity. These flowers are another gorgeous captured image of lilies.
This Calla Lily is an oil on canvas painted by Georgia O'Keeffe. These flowers come in many colors, but white is the most common. O'Keeffe captures the definite lines of the petals in this lily.
This black and white image shows a new lily that has just burst from its bulb stage of life. This image shows the lily flower with much elegance and beauty.
This lily is hand painted on a building in Los Angeles as part of the "Random Act Projects" where street art is painted to brighten even the darkest streets. I love the idea behind this project.
A giant lily hand painted on the side of the road provides liveliness and color to the concrete city Los Angeles. This painting is also a part of the "Random Acts Projects."
This glass paperweight encases a beautiful and bright tiger lily. This is the most unique display of a lily in my exhibition. This artist has captured a lily's beauty, forever.
Credits: All media
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