Texas, The Lone Star State

A chronological look into Texas history and what is quintessential to the lone star state. A catholic church, cowboys, cattle, bluebonnets and creeks are each things to view in this exhibit. This exhibit represents a variety of artworks ranging from oil paintings to silver-print photography. 

This watercolor painting shows people coming together to attend Catholic Church on Sunday. Regardless of their status in society, they have the same belief and place of worship.
This painting represents the landscape of Texas, being open and vast. A ranch home is very symbolic to the Texas way of life.
This is a lithographic print of Galveston Island. This barrier island on the gulf coast is popular for beachgoers and shows there is more to Texas than cowboys and farmland.
I chose this painting because it is representative of the historical culture of Texas and its cowboy way of life.
This is a painting of the approaching herd of cattle, which has been a major Texas industry for many years. I really enjoy the subdued colors used, as if it were at dawn.
The era of cotton was of economic importance for many years. Children were often used as help on the farm. I like this print because it shows what life was like as a child in the early 1900's.
Bluebonnets are the state flower and there's nothing more beautiful than a field in bloom, as portrayed in this painting.
Cowboys played an important role in the settling of Texas. I chose this painting because liked the demeanor on this man's face and his connection with his horse.
This is a painting of an early homestead. I like the trees and the look of the old white house. This painting has an antique look to it.
This painting depicts a backyard creek, possibly a place to duck hunt. I chose this piece because I like the brushstroke technique used.
Credits: All media
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