The darker side of Art

This picture brings out feelings of a poor family suffering through hard times. They seem to be barely holding on.
I feel like this Painting. It looks like a man trying to find light in all the darkness.
This photo speaks volumes to me, without saying a word. I feel like the person it the picture has given up on everything.
Tragic painting of the death of adonis. Shows the suffering of others due to the death of a loved one.
Shocked by death coming for the ones you love, this art shows how one would do anything for one they love.
Being a former soldier. This photograph, shows the dead in a field. I feel like they are waiting for the reaper to come collect their souls.
A classic piece of art. I feel shows an artist in touch, with his dark side and showing this though a self portrait.
Temptation of a young woman. It seems that death can also love. I feel this is very passionate and depressing at the same time.
This reminds me of a tarot card. the one depicting death. Which means. ending one thing and starting something new.
One of the most feared mythological creatures in history. This is a very fine piece of art showing Satan overthrowing a son and daughter.