The darker side of Art

Sunday evening, Russell Drysdale, 1941, From the collection of: Art Gallery of New South Wales
This picture brings out feelings of a poor family suffering through hard times. They seem to be barely holding on.
Ray Rain 2, Kim, Myung Sook, 2006, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
I feel like this Painting. It looks like a man trying to find light in all the darkness.
Shame, Maria Veronica Leon Veintemilla, 2015, From the collection of: Ecuador - Biennale Arte 2015
This photo speaks volumes to me, without saying a word. I feel like the person it the picture has given up on everything.
The Death of Adonis (with Venus, Cupid, and the Three Graces), Peter Paul Rubens, ca. 1614, From the collection of: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Tragic painting of the death of adonis. Shows the suffering of others due to the death of a loved one.
Lovers Surprised by Death, Hans Burgkmair the Elder (German, 1473–1531), 1510, From the collection of: The Art Institute of Chicago
Shocked by death coming for the ones you love, this art shows how one would do anything for one they love.
A Harvest of Death, Timothy H. O'Sullivan (American, about 1840 - 1882), negative July 4, 1863; print 1866, From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
Being a former soldier. This photograph, shows the dead in a field. I feel like they are waiting for the reaper to come collect their souls.
Self-Portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle, Arnold Böcklin, 1872, From the collection of: Alte Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
A classic piece of art. I feel shows an artist in touch, with his dark side and showing this though a self portrait.
Kiss of a Death, Bohumil Kubišta, 1912 - 1912, From the collection of: Oblastní galerie Liberec
Temptation of a young woman. It seems that death can also love. I feel this is very passionate and depressing at the same time.
Denise Poncher before a Vision of Death, Master of the Chronique scandaleuse, 1500, From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
This reminds me of a tarot card. the one depicting death. Which means. ending one thing and starting something new.
Satan Bringing Destruction on the Sons and Daughters of Job, William Blake, 1825, From the collection of: Los Angeles County Museum of Art
One of the most feared mythological creatures in history. This is a very fine piece of art showing Satan overthrowing a son and daughter.
Figure of Death (Memento Mori), Hans Leinberger, 1520s (Renaissance), From the collection of: The Walters Art Museum
Gloire et louange a toi, satan, dans les hauteurs du ciel ou tu regnas, et dans les profondeurs de l'enfer, ou vaincu, tu reves en silence! (Glory and praise to you, Satan, in the heights of heaven, where you reigned, and in thedepths of hell, where, vanquished, you dream in s ilence!), Odilon Redon, 1890, From the collection of: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
Okwui Okpokwasili "Bronx Gothic", Okwui Okpokwasili, 2015-10-21, From the collection of: New York Live Arts
The Gothic Arch, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1761, From the collection of: Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Blind man in Belsen, Alan Moore, 1947, From the collection of: Australian War Memorial
Lost Found, Krystyna Piotrowska, 2002/2002, From the collection of: Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu
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