The Textural way of life

All about the different type of textures in different mediums or artworks

This painting is a mixed media and doesn't have much description to explain the meaning or background, but looks as if it we made of fabric and overlaid on a similar fabric to make it seem like it's in depth.
Using thick paste, layers of color, and glass stones, the artist was able to gain a rusty and "informal-Nuclear" (how he calls it) to make it look old and wasted.
Made of plaster, he made this sculpture look rough and sketchy, but it also gives it a sense of rough brush strokes in a painting instead of it being a sculpture.
The use of thick paste of colors, this artist gives you a sense of movement and thickness throughout the painting
Using natural sources to paste together to make this look like an actual plant and keep it's naturalism, instead of it being an installtion in a room
Inspired by a dancer, the artist uses texture to make this vase look subtle with nature like quality.
This sculpture is a memorial to Elizabeth B.D, but the amount of texture but into this makes it seem realistic and cozy to just jump in and lie down yourself
The artist make this installation look soft and fluffy giving the texture he interperted in this piece
The artist implies texture in his painting my focusing on nature and how it looks in real life
This painting can almost be photogenic, but it was because of the amount of quality and texture given to the flowers and plants within the painting that make it seem so realistic
A beautiful painting of depth and feel, but nothing the amount of quality put into this by expressing how the fields look and how the grass and trees are seen from afar
This painting gives you so much sadness when looking at it, but the amount of texture given is amazing, from the clouds of smoke, to the ash on the floor, to the tattered clothing and branches they use to salvage.
This is one of my favorites, because even the simplicity of it makes this painting beautiful. The artist was able to make the texture of the brush strokes to make the flowers pop out. and the closer they are, the more them seem to pop out at you
just like the others, the bridge, the trees, the grass, even the water below seems to have such a high texture, to make it seem realistic
Added this one, because like the flower one, it seems so real and textured with such care