Music for the eyes -Zac McElhaney

This gallery includes representations of music paintings from the past , also to show how people paved the way.

Still Life with Musical Instruments and Books depicts a gift from a couple from new to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.The music instruments in this paintings have great texture and the color way of this painting is also outstanding. The red really gives the color life even though the main focus is the instruments.
Portrait of an Extraordinary Musical Dog depicts a picture of a dog thats musically inclined by Phillip Reinagle. It is also in the Virginia Museum of Fine arts. This picture also shows that even though animals don't have the same abilities as humans , music still means something to everyone. The texture of the dogs hair is very life like and the colors in this painting are smooth and not to bright.
Chirmia Music depicts a water color painting that was made in 1990 by Eileen Monaghan Whitaker. The movement in this picture is very great because it creates the movement of the guys hands while he is playing his instrument. I think the use of space in this picture is also is all around great.
The Bagpipe Player depicts a painting of a Bagpipe Player playing his instrument the way that the artist Hendrick term Brugghen. The movement of this painting is phenomenal , because it really shows how he is leaning forward to play. His hands also show the way he is holding and pressing the notes.
Amateurs of Tye-Wig Music depicts the battle between traditional and modern day music. It has a lot of stuff that isn't really seen if you just take a glance at it. This painting has legendary artist names in the picture but not really made to be clear. The painting has great movement as everyone in the room is showing what action they are involved in. The space of this painting is also great because theres not a lot of negative space.
Cristiano Giuseppe Lidart and Giovanni Battista Tempesti depicts the painting of these two guys showing who they interpret art. The texture of this photo is amazing because everything is so life like. There isn't any negative space in this picture , and the line structure is straight and on point.
Boy playing the Flute depicts a boy that is playing the flute but a lot of people would say he's playing it the wrong way. The photo actually has a lot of things that could be backwards but the details in the this picture really brings the painting to life, The line work is also life like. The space is all positive.
William Beale Wotton depicts the painting of this man William beale Wotton being the first man ever to be a bassoonist. The picture shows great texture and has great line work . The photo is life like and has really great details. The beard, hands, and instrument are really drawn great.
Alto Saxophone depicts a great painting of saxophone. The way the painting has the shine on the instrument shows great texture to the painting. The way the artist was able to capture the mouth piece to every single piece of the painting is very well drawn. If I saw this painting I souls defiantly think its a HD photograph.
Joseph Joachim depicts a male that is a great violin playing. There is a lot of great details about this picture but something that really stands out to me is the perfect color of the violin. The use of space in this painting is also great with no negative space. The line work with the jacket is really great because you can see the jacket opening.
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