Life during the great depression

The dust bowl was a agricultural, economic and social disaster that took place during the 1930's on the Great Plains. Poor farming practices, drought and high winds that created useless farmlands. Thousands of families had to move west to escape the dust storms and find jobs
Blamed that Hoover made them. A large area outside of town consisting of many sad houses. Usally familys with no money lived in theses.
Were made to help the communities.Helped out by giving free food. Supported and supplied by the community.
Hobos are people that are homeless. They have no jobs. They also have no money.
Created by President Hoover. Made to create jobs for people. Makes electricty.
Herbert Hoover was the president during the Great Depression. He constructed project to get people jobs. People also said he caused the Hover villes.
Where issues by President Roosevlt. Issued in a series. Where president orders.
A 15,000 march of vetrens. Demanded that they get there bonus. Claimed them selfs as the Bonus expideitary army.
Real name was Dorthea Lange who took the photo. Never asked for the information of her. Had been living off of frozen food.
Dorthea lange was a photographer. Worked in the great depression. Mainly photographed farmers.
Renamed in 1939. Was the largest bill of the New Deal. Employed millions of people to work publicly.
Was initated in 1935.Provided General Welfare.Signed by Roosevelt.
A relief program in 1933. Helped Unemployed married men and there familys. Lasted till 1942.
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