David Fermer

The artist, Diego de Siloe using perspective makes it feel like you can just step into his art. I really like that when you zoom in on it you see even more details past the archway, like the bridge
Using perspective Jacques Rousseau makes it appear as if you can step into this room. The piece across the top looks like you could feel each ripple in the clothing. Great detail here.
Again Perspective here used by John Sell Cotman makes the viewer believe he could walk into each of the corridors. I also love the symmetry being used here. it makes the piece feel very balanced.
This time the Artist uses perspective but with a reflection. At first glance it appears as if you are staring into a room. However, after a moment I realized I was staring into a mirror.
I really like the perspective use here in this piece by Etieene-Louis Boullee. He makes it look like you've come to a four way intersection and also makes the ceiling tiles each appear recessed.
I was drawn to this one first by the use of perspective. However, I love the colors Wilhelm Fistulator uses for the floor tiles continuing that color across the top.
Giuseppe Canella uses perspective well here. It seems as if the canal goes on and on.
I really like Lorenzo di Pietro's use of perspective in the top piece of this artwork. The way the pillars are placed really makes the piece seem 3 dimensional.
This is my favorite piece so far. Canaletto uses good use of the lines on the ground to give the piece perspective. The way they run to the middle of the painting helps the piece feel more alive.
This is also a favorite for perspective. Giovanni Migliara creates the pillars in such a way that makes them feel like they are actually their.
I found this piece by Han Jeesun interesting. The red really drew my eye to the piece. Hahn's use of perspective is awesome. I like how the walkway turns to the right at the back of the painting.
This piece while very similar to the last made me imagine The Great Wall of China. The perspective used by Han makes the piece appear to have extreme depth.
The realism in this artwork by Friedrich Wilhelm Klose is astounding. The perspective gives the room a complete 3 dimensional look.
Okay this one is my favorite of my gallery. Giovanni Battista Lusieri has created a beautiful piece here. The perspective used on the buildings makes you feel like you are actually in Naples.
This final piece is also beautiful. Thomas Abeel Prior makes the viewer feel like they where actually there with Queen Victoria. The use of perspective in the glass really helps achieve this feeling