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Frederic Edwin Church was an American artist whose artwork frequently revolved around the sceneries of landscapes. His family consisted of his mother Eliza and father Joseph. Born on May 4, 1826 in Hartford Connecticut, Frederic was enrolled into Hudson River Schooling, a school in which was particular in the department of geographic features like mountain views, waterfalls, night skies, etc. The Church family, back in the 1800s, was considered one of the wealthiest families. Joseph Church’s father, Fredrics grandfather, was the one who had first founded the very first paper mill in Lee, Massachusetts. Joseph himself was a silversmith and watch maker, both jobs that we bring in large amounts of money during that time period so this allowed Joseph to enroll his son into art school early. When eighteen, Frederic became the student of Thomas Cole in Catskill, New York after being introduced to each other by a friend. He was elected to be the youngest associate of the National Academy of Design in May of 1848. A short while after, he settled down in New York and began teaching himself not as an occupation but just like a little side job. He then started to travel around the area sketching pictures of the landscape around him and when he was done, he would return to paint the artwork and later sell it to make a profit. Around the time of 1853 to 1857, Frederic partnered up with Cyrus West Field and the two of them went to South America where he would paint paintings and give them to Cyrus to try and lure in investors. A couple of years after his departure, Frederic returned to America and painted The Heart of the Andes. While this was on display in the museum, Church had drawn on curtains to give the illusion of the viewer looking out a window. The room was also darkened with the painting having the spotlight, and tropical plants on its surroundings to give the painting even more life. The Heart of the Andes was sold for $10,000, the most anyone had payed for a painting at the time. After buying a farm in New York, marrying Isabel Carnes and having four children, Frederic Edwin Church died on April 7, 1900.

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