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It reminds me of a Greek or Roman God with flowing hair and a band of flora around his head. The details are also exquisite and extremely specific on the muscle, hair, and cloth details. However, at the bottom the statue blends into a column which is interesting but takes away from chances for greater detail past the waist.
Honestly it looks like two men kissing, which is most likely untrue due to the time period it was crafted and is most likely just two men sharing a nice bro hug but it gives a pleasant vibe. No short cuts were used on the detail, the realism is amazing in the clothes muscle definition and hands.
When I saw this I thought of the Queen of Hearts garden from Alice in Wonderland, of course her garden was a maze full of rose bushes but the swirls and shapes seem to belong to book of fantasy. Also I will be quite upset if no one thought to put swans in the center pond because that would just make everything 20% better.
The statue is of quite a lovely lady with hair that must be maybelline™ and a feminine shape, average to show feminine charm in artwork. She lounges on a cushioned bench pouring water form an aquarius style vase next to the water to invoke relaxation and peacefulness.
An elegant fountain with five tiers, the bottom held up by lion legs surrounded by fish and a statue of Neptune, the next held in the hands of small mer-children, third by curved horns with the heads of swine, and finally the tails of lobsters.
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