Love while it's legal

I present you "Love While It’s Legal" an art gallery celebrating love through street art. Whether it is love for yourself, for others or even your own country and ideas. Love is subjective and changes with everyone’s own interpretation, everyone has a different perspective on love even if someone doesn't believe in love. This gallery will include pieces that might not be seen needed but with further explanation you will learn that every piece here is important, thank you and enjoy.

This piece describes love for yourself. This man is painting the iconic Superman "S" onto his chest because he views himself as a hero or even powerful. That is love for yourself, seeing yourself as more than your are.
This piece shows finding love not within yourself. This child picking the mushroom is black and empty. The red mushroom symbolizes love as it is in this generation, no one picks mushroom very often and no one goes looking for them. But this child found love, the mushroom, and wants it.
This piece shows love for your country. The young man depicted is seen blowing up or engulf in fire in a destroyed city and can be interpreted as dying for the country he loves. This also another form of love not yourself, the selflessness that is depicted shows love in it's purest form.
This piece depicts love for one another, two young girl smiling surrounded by flower in front of text. The sunflowers representing happiness the heart over the pink shirt show that the girl in blue loves her. Love can be perceived in many ways so platonic love is just another form in which love can be spread through the world.
Till death do we part. In this piece we see two rainbow colored skeletal hands touching or reaching for each other. This piece, even though no wedding ring is shown, shows how sometimes love can kill us; all forms of love and that no one is exempt from this rule. This piece can also be depicted that the hands died for love that they couldn't love one another in life so maybe in death, or even because the hands loved each other they died.
Love for your fellow man and how your fellow man can still love you even when you hand them darkness. In this piece we have a Muslim girl draped in rainbow Niqab. We as people come from all walks of life so we don't know each others pain. So we should love each other unconditionally but sometimes no matter how much you love and how tolerant you are sometimes people will give you the worst in them.
This piece depicts when love is all around you but you don't feel it. This is the fuzzy feeling clouding the pieces face, that no matter how much love is around you one can still not know what it feel like. This can also be interpreted as she doesn't love herself and she doesn't see her beauty.
Love for your fellow man and the innocent love of children. All of these children are smiling and happy as children notoriously are. Look as the child on the far right hand side notices another child far in the background not laughing or smiling. This is love for others and noticing when someone doesn't love who they are.
This piece depicts love for yourself. She see's her beauty or someone sees the beauty in this person so they painted it large where everyone can see. But not everyone would consider this beautiful but people who look similar to his girl who then come to love themselves in turn.
This piece depicts shows the desire to work for love. The artist realizes that love does not come easy and so they are willing to work for love, the right kind of love. This take on love is powerful as it even catches the attention of a passerby.
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