Blue water

This exhibition that is displaced for you is called 'Blue Water'. The inspiration that has been encountered in these artworks has come together as the theme 'blue', from the blue sky to the blue water. The main relationship between the artworks is the connections through sky, water, the colour blue, sail boats and land. The order that I have formed in this gallery starts with the artwork of the view of the ocean, sea.  The following images slowly come towards the water and the connection through there is the land and water. The sky shows their movement throughout the day, from sunrise at the arrival of the beach to a mild and beautiful weather throughout their day of sailing in the water. The following artworks are of sail boats, this conveys the characters view of from where they are, from on shore to in their own boat, they take us on their journey as to seeing sunrise, to crashing waves, the next artwork shows us that they are in a rougher situation as to their adventure throughout the day. As the day came to an end they discovered a village, the water calmed so they sailed back home to shore, the last few artworks express their emotions as to the day’s event and journey. The day to be completed and journey to be achieved, accomplished. It shows that their bond is quite strong as it is expressed in the last image.

This work evidence the structural frame
This work evidence the cultural frame
This this evidences the post-modern frame
This work evidencethe Subjective frame