MCA1 Realism

Every age projects its own images into its art. The main goal of artist during this time was to paint or create something as accurately as possible to real life. Realist artists also liked to base their work off of the lower classes unlike many other eras of art before it. Since Realist art was so close to real life, many critics called it boring and bland compared to the earlier Romantic and Neoclassic paintings.

This painting contains what looks like passengers on some kind of public trasportation with a woman in the front breast feeding her baby. The painting is dark and seems to portray people from the working class.
In this painting there are three lawyers talking to each other and seem to be holding bags or papers in their hands. Again like the last painting, the colors are a bit dark and show the daily life of the people during this time.
In this piece of art, the colors are all black and white with a little red on the mans chair. They look like they are in an art gallery and are looking at a painting. Daumier has even made multiple other pieces of art in the background.
In this painting, Homer depicts a hunter with many skins on his shoulder and his hunting dogs by his side. He has put great detail in the grass and weeds and also in the tree trunk and the clouds in the background.
Like A Huntsman and Dogs, this painting is also very detailed and realistic. It show two fisherman bringing the net of fish into their boat. It seems to be very windy since the waves in the background are very big.
In this painting it shows three women and a man playing croquet. You can see the individual blades of grass on the ground and the shadows each of the folds make on the womens dresses. Unlike many other Realistic paintings, the people in this painting look like to be upper middle class instead of from the lower working class.
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