The collection of pieces put together represents the theme of desire that can be seen in both Sophocles' Antigone and Freud's Introductory Lectures. Freud introduces the Id, Ego and Superego which all explain how people handle their conscious desires and unconscious desires (Freud 103). In Antigone it can be seen through many examples of how Freud’s idea of repressed desires comes into play. It becomes harder and harder to keep unconscious desires repressed as we can see though the King’s son Heamon in Antigone. It is difficult to behave the way that society wants when there are repressed desires in ones’ unconscious.

In this photo we can see that this mans repressed desires are bursting out through his eye. It entails Freud's theory that we all have desires within that want to come out. His desires seem to be feminine.
By the man trying to break free of this hand, we can see the idea of wanting to be let loose. Our repressed desires are inside of us but most of the time we can not express them based on what society deems normal(Freud 103).
This man in this pictures seems to be stuck as to whether he should abide by societies normalities or react to his deep desires. There are two different types of people in this picture: one set that look as everyone else and the others that are naked and free.
This man is literally trying to break through the seams. Again we can see Freud's idea of repressed desires but unable to be expressed. The white sheet can represent the Ego than tries to balance our desires with social norms (Freud 4).
By Frida Kahlo dressing very feminine on the outside but more masculine on the inside we can see her desire to break social norms. Her true choice of dress will forever be a repressed desire because it's not seen due to her Ego.
This is a more modern piece that explains how one can try to behave the way that society wants but eventually their true needs will try to surface. Her see-though underwear, combat boots, and biker jacket represent her true desires.
We can see this model trying to fit in with whats going on around her but we can also see her deep desires coming to surface by the black top. Am much as see was trying to if it with the norm, her Id can also be seen.
Although everyone in the photo can see seen wearing the same outfit there are also a few who stand out. Those that look the same but are sitting trying not to be noticed, and also the one that stands in the middle proud that she has different views than those around her.
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