I like flowers a lot so I decided to do a gallery fill with the artworks about flowers.

This artwork really shows the Asian drawing style with ink.
This artwork also shows the Asian drawing style with ink. It looks really elegant, too.
This painting is from the mid 19th century. It looks really realistic and detailed.
This painting is really colorful and has a nice contrast of the flowers and the landscape in the back. I like the color of the hill a lot.
This painting is also by Monet. The flowers aren't super detailed but the colors are really pleasant and gives a nice garden-ly feeling.
This painting is really detailed and elegant. The roses just attracts your attention immediately when you look at this painting since they are the only light-colored objects in this painting. Really beautiful.
The colors mixed nicely with each other and the stems of the flowers are cool.
Love the colors in this painting. The reflection is really cool, too.
This painting looks really realistic and colorful. The shadows and the colors enhanced the details of it.
The overall color tone looks cooler than the previous one. The fruits (especially the grapes) and the flowers are really detailed and look so real.
I love this painting. The flowers look really cool. The wall is red which enhanced the red tone of this painting.
The flower road just really stands out from this painting since all the other parts are like green colors. It has a really good contrast of cold and warm colors.
I realized Van Gogh always use one single color tone for his paintings of flowers; I like it.
This is really detailed and the flowers and fruits are really nice.
This painting is realistic and beautiful. I love the color, so warm and nice. Gives people good mood just by looking at it.
This is one of those typical ancient Asian drawing. Looks really nice.
I want to delete this but I can't.
The painting is detailed and it looks like they are actually in front of me.
The blue and yellow, cold and warm color contrast make this painting really cool. The irises are pretty, too.
I like the style of drawing of the leaves.
The color contrast really brings out the flowers from the background. The amount of flowers brings more colors to the eyes.
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