Principles N' stuff

Balance: This picture uses the principle of balance because both right and left sides of the picture look basically exactly the same. Although there are some very tiny differences with each side of the picture, it's almost a mirrored image.
Repetition: This picture has repetition because is just a painting in which somebody made lines on a canvas and all of the lines faded while going down the canvas. The whole painting is just lines of paint repeating so therefore its repetition.
Emphasis: This painting shows emphasis because when you look at it, most people immediately see the face that appears to be screaming.
Contrast: This is a picture of contrast because the emphasis point is evidently the mountain-like figure in the middle, and the background's color is very different from the emphasis point.
Proportion: This picture represents proportion because the nose on this human face is quite huge, to the point in which it's out of proportion to the actual face.
Unity: This painting contains unity because everything looks like it's where it should be. It looks like just a normal, little village.
Variety: This has variety because there's lots of different colors in this painting, and with all of the color, it actually looks more interesting than it would if it had just normal colors to make the painting
Movement: This picture has movement in it because it appears as if the people in it are running from something or toward something
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