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a.The clothing tells us she is trying to dress modestly and probably is trying to not look pompous in the picture b. She likes nature and taking long, relaxing walks in the forest. She is trying to seem modest and care free c.The artist wants to make the viewer think that the woman is mysterious and loving. She has trees behind her and she's dressed modestly. d. Minerva is Middle class. She looks Stern and wise. She likes to take walks in the forest and explore nature. She cares about wildlife and nature.
a.The clothing tells us that she is rich and pampered b.The background tells us shes an artist because she has an intricate drawing of the human body c.They want you to think that she is a creative artist. She is gesturing to her artwork d.I think her name is Samantha. She is first class and very rich and pampered. She likes to draw and likes fancy clothes. She cares about her appearance and her art.
a.She is VERY rich and probably very pompous and snooty b.She has a lot of money to bedeck her home with tons of furniture c.They want you to think that she is rich and pampered and I can tell that because she has some really fancy clothes d.I think her name is Elizabeth she is first class and probably doesn't even work. She looks grumpy and snooty and probably doesn't like anything other than tea and crumpets.
a.They are dressed well so they are either rich or angels b. The subject is very important because they are gods angels. They are outside of the gates of heaven. c. The artist wants the viewer to feel closer to god and closer to god. The picture takes place at the gates of heaven. d. Anne and Julia are first class. They're jobs are to guard the gates of heaven. They are kind, honest and loyal to god. They like they're religion and they love they're god and the saints.
a. They only drew from the head up so that the picture is focused on the subject herself. b.They only drew in dark colors and without a background so that the picture is focused on the subject herself. c.The artist wants the viewer to focus on the woman and not any background, items or colors. It's just regular black, brown, gray and white. d.Leda is middle class. She is mysterious, kind and alluring. She likes to relax and probably likes to draw. She cares about her appearance.
a. The clothing tells us they are angels from heaven. b. The background tells us that they are inside of gods glorious kingdom helping make the kingdom better. c. The artist wants the viewer to feel closer to god and heaven. The artist feels kind about the subjects of his picture. d. John and Maria are helping keep the kingdom of god running properly. They are kind and loyal to god and their religion.
a.The clothing tells us she is very rich and loves lavish clothes. b.The background tells us they are rich enough to have blue wallpaper. c.The artist wants to show that they are very rich and powerful. d.Amanda and her son Lewis are first class. They are pampered, lavish and possibly snooty. They like to live lavishly.
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