Human's technological advancements by Daniel Brown

This gallery focuses on the challenges and accomplishments humankind has made. There are successful inventions and unsuccessful failures, but there is one constant: Our unapologetic drive to push forward and create great things. This gallery shows how we have tackled the ocean, pavement, and worldly communication. I believe the world will always be a better place with humans in charge.

The ships depicted in this photo are an example of how humans have pioneered international travel. Our desires to explore the earth have transposed through our ability to create means of transportation.
Humans have always strived to create new technological advancements. In order to reach the goals set forth for those advancements, we must create tools to build what we wish to create.
In order to explore new frontiers, we have needed to create new tools to enable our exploration. Tools such as a chronometer allow us to safely and securely explore what we wish to conquer.
Keeping time has always been one of the most important tasks human's have strived to successfully execute. This clock shows the importance of timekeeping; it transcends generations and millenniums alike.
It is amazing to think of the amount of time and work that went into imagining and creating a musical instrument such as this cornet. The same technology from 1845 is in use today.
The creation of the electronic light bulb is sometimes regarded as the most important technological invention of the 21st century. Our ability to take a substance that is intangible, and then create light is beyond comprehension.
Our need for communication across the world was successfully pushed forward after the introduction of the telephone and it's massive adoption. Humans always seem to find solutions to their problems through technological advances.
The automobile has been one of the greatest man-made inventions of the modern era. The ability to create personal means of fast transportation is something only driven humans would create.
Old technology will always be lost and replaced, but never forgotten. New technology will always be at the forefront of our era, but old technology will always leave a lasting legacy which steers our new endeavors.
Worldwide communication was further advanced with the introduction of the cellphone. Personal means of portable communication is the epitome of connectedness and socially driven instant communication.
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