Colors that set the mood.

By: Traceyan Jones

I chose this because the snail with broken shell was eye grabbing.. It said even if your broken you can always find away to fix yourself. colors are amazing works well with the background.
I chose this one because it was weird i have to admit. a fish with such beautiful colors stranded on a road.
The owl in this picture remind me of a peacock with all the beautiful colors him. The fish robot is amazing with design.
what really go me in this photo was that the owl has worms on under his wings. His house is in the background and the owl is in the foreground.
I will tell why i pick this one. I love the tin-man concept and the all mighty eye in his right hand. The art on this building is very animated with different characters.
This is mainly abstract because you don't know what it is but at the lower left you can see a bird. that's the only thing that i can see but it could be something else to another person.
This one reminded me of The Sims if a life simulation game. But the color in this one is vibrant.
This one was picked because it looks to be more hip with the boom box and skateboard. Colors i didn't really like but the art was cool.
This piece of art work i found very interesting i loved the color scheme. Its like the paint that was painted was dripping from the wall.
This painting is dark and seems lonely the way they applied the colors to her and the wall.
The baby its self is funny with it being off white. and the word "Mami" in Color explains the happiness that the kid has for his mother.
I picked this one for the simple fact that it is batman at an out of shape running down the street in under-wear. the colors stayed true to him and its funny.
i picked this one for the fact that they captured hati and the mother and child happiness in black and white. but the background in color.
I choose this one because ts really simple and the they only used like 4 colors.
They captured the essence of the 80's i believe. the colors show you the age of what they trying to show you.
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