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Botero is one of my favorite artists. Last summer when I was in Colombia I visited a museum that is dedicated to Botero's work. I love his recurring themes of making everything fat and round.
Botero has a recurring theme of a table with a small drawer in the middle (and it also looks fat). Besides that, the guitar is my instrument so it has a special meaning to me whenever I see it.
its round shape makes me feel like I'm floating, a sort of dizziness and bewilderness. Either way it makes me experience strong emotions regardless of how many times I've seen it.
Again recurring theme. The round shaped view and the dock with people looking up front. I also like his interplay between micro and macro. (the shape of the woman's hat / the view behind her).
I enjoyed the perspective in this one.The use of complementry colors is widley used and also all the colors of the painting exist in every object. again, an interplay between macro and micro
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