The Colors Of Love

The Colors of Love by Doris Santamaria. With this collection my goal was to show love through color. Now the collection is bright and vibrant with color but I feel like the message of love is seen once you dive into the painting and go past the color. All these artists knew how to express love with eye-popping colors.

In this signature piece bye Akte One he tags a wall in a bright yellow and an outline with vibrant purple. He centers a heart right in the middle of the tag to show the love he has for his work. The white and black colors that adorn the back of the tag really help pop the tag out even more.
Koh Sang Woo really shines in this piece of art with the use of a negative filter but with a very vibrant use of colors.Now this piece really stands out as more as not fear of love like the title says but the love between nature and the human race. His collection shows a great use of the element of line.
In this piece by Ahn Chang Hong the use of darker colors make it more somber and easier to take in. The use of a purple as a background really makes the painting unique and helps to pop out the white skin of the man that is apparently a vampire. This painting really plays a way into the fantasy of falling in love with the alluring monster.
Another great piece by Koh Sang Woo. In this eye popping piece of art we see the use of bright colors that make it unique and bright. Yet the message of love is quite sad since the human is lying in a position that represents to most as death with only a message of love to the one left behind. This painting also represents a good element of shape with the roses.
In this colorful piece by Arsen Levonee. With the red the sense of passion is added to the piece of art. The use of green and black give it a sense of calm for the chaos that the blue, pink, and golden colors represent. Now the message of love is not quite clear but I feel that love is present during sex even when human beings always say "its only sex."
Now in this amazing and unique piece by Koh Sang Woo. The use of three elements line, shape, and color. Now the line is seen in the body lying next to the corpse that also represents line. Shape is seen in the flowers and nature around them. The eye popping colors that are used in this piece are amazing and quite unique and what make this piece of art quite powerful. The message of love is also quite apparent by the title of the art piece and the image itself.
In this art piece by Kim Bum Su the use of color is not as eye popping but it gives it a certain appeal to it. Now the hearts that vary in difference of aspect it is to represent the way that every human experiences different types of love. Now the fact that some are dimmed it can also represent a persons love through out his life and the dimmed hearts are the ones that are no longer with that person.
Once again another eye catching piece by Koh Sang Woo. In this colorful piece we see an array of beautiful colors that no one can ignore. The element of shape is scattered all over this piece with the nature that is present in it. The message of love in this amazing piece of art it seems to be a love of sisters that are trying to protect each other from any harm.
Now in this very unique piece by Vilmantas Marcinkevicius. The use of color again is quite eye catching with the golden yellow that is used to interpret his main characters and the blues and greens used to represent nature is also very bright. Now the way Vilmantas used to show the message of love between gods first two human beings is quite amazing and unique. It is really nice how he made them the whole focus of the art piece.
This last amazing piece is by Koh Sang Woo. In this piece we again see some very unique and bright colors. The golden brown of the background really makes the blue green of the skin tone and the pink on the arm and hair to pop brightly. Shape is seen again through the nature around them. Now the message of love is quite apparent between these two women that are holding each other tightly.
Credits: All media
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