Color & Fellings

How color helps convey feeling.

From this piece I get a feeling of loneliness and sadness form the way the artist used the contrast and the limited colors that he used.
This piece I like because of it is simple and beautiful, not much color yet there is a certain type of calmness coming from the piece.
The color scheme for this piece I find peculiar because the colors are mostly warm and with darker tones but there is some green there witch gives away some rebellious or even angry tones to the piece
Here thanks to all the variety of colors used I get the feeling of happiness and joy, those things really made me like this piece
The colors here really carry a story of their own. Just look at the way the colors go from red and yellow in the left to darker colors to the right there is almost as if a warning of danger up ahead.
This piece I really enjoy because it is simple with the colors and powerful enough to convey a feeling of loneliness but in a good way, almost serene and peaceful.
In this piece since there are tons of colors and no true color scheme Its almost chaotic and it gives the feeling of party and good times.
This piece I find very odd because the colors even though they are overlapping, which should be chaotic, that is not what I am getting from it. Its almost planed and meticulous, hence why I enjoy it.
Here since thee is more black than white there seem to be a feeling of fear or a cense of perdition to some extent and makes one feel uneasy, atleast it makes me feel that way.
Here since there isn't much color the piece gives of a cense of calmness or tranquility and that is why I enjoy this piece.
This piece gives of an aura of dread and apprehension from the color scheme and that bit of red on top is what I believe to give the piece most of its feeling.
Seeing as how the color goes from the bottom being dark to the top being lighter almost makes you feel relieved as if the bad stuff is gone and what comes next is relief or good things.
This one is very powerful, the vibrant colors contrasting with the darks in the background give this piece an eerie felling that makes one feel lost.
This one might be my favorite. The cool and warm colors combined together without one out weighing the other gives this piece a cense of peace, serenity and harmony that brings me much joy.
This piece I really enjoy, It is simple and the color scheme is really warm and it radiates serenity and tranquility.
Credits: All media
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