Dark Nature - Marshall Jordan

The theme of this gallery is color and nature. The main difference between this gallery and most other nature art galleries is the lack of color. The only colors in the art work is black and white which is rarely found in a nature setting making this gallery very unique.

This picture depicts an aqua duct as the main focus but also has beautiful mountains in the background as well as the river running under the aqua duct showing a perfect reflection.
The focus of this piece of art is the vast mountain range. It has a great range of color that fades from a dark peak at the front of the photo to white at the back.
The base of this Greek architecture building is the focus here. There isn’t a lot included in this picture but it highlights the terrain, arches and landscape really well.
The modern architecture paired with the refection pool bring a great feel to this photo and directs your eyes to the building even though it isn’t in the middle of the frame.
This piece shows off natures beauty in it’s simplest form. Even with no color or leafs on the trees this picture still captures great emotion and focuses on the road perfectly.
The Greek style pillars shown here are perfectly complimented by the hillside in the background along with the clouds. This shows what ancient man and nature could accomplish together to make art.
This shows a drearier and darker side to nature but still holds so much beauty. Even with the cracked and broken earth this piece of art is still a powerful image.
The low shutter speed of this photo brings a feeling of being taken in by the piece. With the city as it’s focal point this is a great example of blurriness being a good thing.
The low clouds and the lone tree on this mountainous land scape make for a beautiful image. The hill that the tree on is offset really well by the hill in the background as well.
The focus of this photo is the building in the water. This is such a great picture because the waves seem to have emotions when paired with the darkness of the building.
Credits: All media
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