the renaissance time

Victor Martin & Jacob Hayes

This sculpture is fascinating because of the reason that the perspective of the artist had on the human body. It also had great detail in the clothing even though it was made out of stone.
This painting by Raphael is very descriptive and detailed. It went back to when Jesus's time and the detail of the muscles were probably very difficult.
This painting by Michelangelo Buonarroti is very descriptive not only in its image but in the meaning also.
This painting by Albrecht Durer Durer uses a great amount of color. Most of his paintings had a lot of color and were very beautiful.
This painting by Raphael is amazing. The horse is so beautiful and can be seen from miles away. The background is also beautiful.
This sculpture is very difficult to chizzle on granit like that. Donatello probably studied anatomy.
This phenomenon drawing by Albrecht Durer is beautiful. It speaks a lot and is amazing because it takes up the whole page of paper.
This image is amazing because it has great detail. The people look so realistic and the meaning is different.
The only thing I can say about this painting is the BEAUTIFUL like life people. It looks like it has been taken on the Galaxy S7. It is just so realistic for a painting.
This painting by Tiziano Vecellio is very realistic. The abstract background and the emotion the lady gives off is amazing.
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