Red Hue by Brody jordan

The theme of my gallery is the color red as well as the style of the paintings themselves. Being color deficient I've never been able to see all the colors, but red has always been something that sticks out at me. The styles depicted in this gallery make all these arts look similar even if they're hundreds of years apart.

This painting is a portrait of Armand_Jean du Plessis and the reason this piece was selected was for it's use of a red tint as well as it's artistic style.
The artistic style used in this painting makes it look like it's just doodles, or practice paper. The red hue of the painting is why this piece made it into the gallery though.
This piece is depicting the ruins of a palace with a red tint to it. This piece is older than the rest but closely resembles the style of the pieces from the past. It looks like it's the same painter.
Painted roughly 150 years prior to the piece before it, this piece closely resembles the same style the other paintings use. The use of red in this painting is eye catching to say the least.
This piece is religious in nature; depicting David after slaying Goliath. The use of red in this painting almost makes it seem to be a happy occasion and not a brutal murder.
This painting sticks to the main theme we've held this entire gallery with the color red and the style of appearing to be hand drawn rather than painted. This piece is more modern than other pieces.
The angel in this picture is beautifully drawn and also appears in the red theme that we've been using. This piece looks like it was drawn with a pencil and not made in 1652.
I really like the use of red in this picture, but also its use of shadow. It really looks like a flame is lighting the house rather than just well painted shadows in the right places.
This is where we begin to see the use of colors outside of red being used alongside the main theme to portray the picture. It also has a very cartoon feel to it despite being painted in 1820.
This brings us back to the theme of hand drawn stylistic paintings using the color red as the main theme. Done a little bit later than the other paintings it still holds the same resemblance.
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