isaiah choffel

buddha in pakistans culture is a big thing because of how important he is in buddhism which is one of the main cultures there in pakistan
nepal is a place that goes through alot of things many people live with not much money and they are living in poverty.
nepal and pakistan share this religion as being one of the main religions here in these regions
this is a quilt of tibetan techer from nepal this is how many people in nepal make money
many peoole from pakistan make these little stature thing to make money to not live in poverty anymore
another quilt from nepal
in buddhism bodhisattva is the sanskrit term for any one who motivated by compassion but popular in nepal
this is a head of buddha many people in pakistan make things to stay out of poverty
this a picture from pakistan karachi street in 1947 you can see the old transportation is a camal here
many people in both of these religions do the same things by making things and selling them to stay out of poverty from wood to statues from cement and many other ways
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