Elements Of Art

By:Ashley Wendt

The artist used shape it the drawing.The shapes the artist used are geometric shapes like squares and rectangles. This artist also used line in the drawing by having lines go from one side to other.
He used space in the drawing by having the shapes in the front appear bigger. He also uses shape by having objects in the back seem smaller. He also uses value having different tints of blue in sky.
She uses texture by making it feel bumpy by the wings and smooth on the the straight part. She also uses form by having it pop out at the person looking at it.
He used form to get a 3d object and it stands out at you.He also used line by having curved lines for the lions head and has lines as wrinkles in the lion.
He uses organic shapes by having different shape of rocks and he also uses different sizes or rocks.He also uses line by having like lines on the rocks the wrinkles and like cracks in the rock.
She used color by having blue and green which are by each other on the color wheel and has different colors of blue. She also used shape by having circle shaped holes in the moon big and small.
She used line by having different lines by a road and they go in a circle. She uses space by having the closer objects seem bigger and far away objects seem farther away.
Credits: All media
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