7th grade Research 

Rodez is a street artist from Colombia. He is 50 years old and has two sons who are also street artists that he often paints with. Rodez is also just a regular painter. He started street art when one of his sons who was in college at the time invited him to festival in Bogota. Rodez started small at that festival and then his son later taught him more technique and how to use an aerosol.  When he first started he only liked doing street art because he was doing it with his son. Then he thought to himself that doing this is really cool and fun. Rodez then started testing out aerosols in the streets with both of his sons. When Rodez goes out to paint his paintings have many eyes most of the time. Rodez calls these creations his “animales fantasticos”. He says that he paints objects with eyes because whenever an object has eyes, to him it gets an identity and a personality in respect of its eyes. He also says that when he “puts eyes on a mask or animal that he paints, he feels that not only are you looking at the walls but the walls are looking at you, so it’s like a language with two meanings”. For Rodez, much of his ideas and inspiration come from Mexican and Peruvian traditions and ancient tribes. One of  Rodez’s sons also draws much inspiration from Latin American culture such as the Incas, Mayans, and Bolivian and Colombian peoples. Rodez’s murals can be found everywhere in Colombia, Argentina, Germany, Czech Republic, and Spain. Rodez has also designed, written, and illustrated over 50 books for children, youths, and adults in Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and even the United States.

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