The bill of rights in art

This gallery is about how art can symbolize the amendments in the Bill of Rights

This represents the first Amendment because Jesus and his Apostles gathered to talk to him about the religion before he killed. This represents some basic rights like assembly, religion ,and speech.
The second Amendment is the right to own a gun incase of when a militia is needed. This man can own his rifle in case if that happens
The third Amendment is that no soldier can force you into letting him stay in your home.In the picture Japanese soldiers are trying to force them selfs into China and the Chinese are not allowing it
The fourth Amendment is that police must have a good reason or a warrant to search people's property. These soldiers would need warrant or a good reason to search these people
The fifth Amendment is Citizens have some basic rights when accused for a crime. They have the right to remain silent, the can not lose property unless done by legal actions , or be tried twice for the same thing
The Sixth amendment is the right to a lawyer, the right to question witnesses and the right to have a trail by a non-bias jury.
The seventh Amendment is the right to have a jury over civil cases or arguments over things of value. This pig and bird can call a jury over this dipute
The eight Amendment is that no punishment for crimes may cruel or unusual. People can not be tied up like this because it is a cruel punishment
The ninth Amendment is that people still retain all theirs rights even if it is not in the constitution. Many of these rights can be unseen like the man in the picture
The tenth Amendment is that states and the people have any power that the constitution gave to the federal government. One thing states can control is hunting and hunting license