All the little things

"In this gallery I want to showcase nature and all the little aspects of it. When people look at the art in my gallery I want them to see the tiny part of nature. People should think of               -Charletta Johnson                                                                

This piece shows a leaf in three different shades of gray. It's simple and something you see everywhere. It's small but it makes up a big part of nature and what makes it beautiful.
This piece shows a weed in black and white scale. It's something that is not always seen as beautiful but looks well here. Its a small part of life but part of the grand scheme.
This print shows fish swimming downward. I like the simplicity of this piece and how much detail is put into this print. The little details look amazing in this piece.
This shows a harbor made up of light tones. I like the color of this painting. It may not be small but it looks so delicate. The blending of colors are exceptional in this piece
This is a painting of a beetle. the way its made to look so real is what I like most about it. A tiny beetle painted with so much detail is a good addition to my gallery.
This is a painting of a bunny. The bunny is framed well in this painting. It sized well with the grass. The focus is on the bunny with not much detail in the background. This tiny rabbit fits well.
This is a painting of a bird. i like the detail in the feathers and how accurately its drawn. Not much attention is payed to the background which makes the bird stand out more which I like a lot.
This painting shows a stump that is painted in great detail. The stump os painted in a realistic way. The stump is small in stature representing one of the most realistic tiny things.
This is my favorite painting of the 10 displayed. The colors compliment each other well and the composition is done exceptionally well. Of all my little treasures this one shines the brightest
This landscape is the most grand painting pout of my collection. The detail is most impressive as well as the design. Every small piece make you appreciate the whole piece.
Credits: All media
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