egyptian art louvre museum

all paintings and statues of old art and gods from egypytian

I like this structure how it looks realistic and also well done and in my opinon the shape and the way its detailed.
This is an image of the village or housing the egyptians had and their s0urroundings around them.
I like how this piece of art work is done and the way its detailed and the way its shape is .
In my opinon i think they probably used this as a book to tell stories or an art work to preserve its ancestors.
This is my favorite overall h0w the structure is so detailed and how it was done and the way they made everything on it, its so cool.
In my opinon this looks like a kings village or the ruler of the place. I like how the texture and details of the drawings.
i think this would be a couple like a king and queen or some type of monuments in the eygpt and i like how they are made and the texture.
i think this was probably some tool for fighting or ancient symbols from back then.
this drawing looks really cool but it also looks really complex.
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