Subject : Woman (painting)

I love it because it reminds me of my mom. The baby's beautiful and peaceful smile in mom's arms make me also feel comfortable. I can see the face expression of mom in this picture but I can imagine and feel the love toward her baby. The color combination also suit with the warm mood of this picture. It feels like I'm in mom's arms.
She looks so comfortable and I like it because usually in this kind of realistic painting, the person, who is model, look so tense so I only feel tension and I can't really remember the picture later. But this painting just remain in my mind.
I like this model. she looks old and might do hard work everyday but her face looks kind, honest, and keeps composure. She looks beautiful.
The contrast of Color & light , thinking posture, body curve line and naturally falling flounce.. I like it.
I like how simple this picture is. The painter even didn't draw specific background but I feel I can see the background. I like it because it makes me simple but thoughtful. I like the artist's confidence because if I'm the artist, I might try to draw more and more to being understood by people before I stamp my name. haha...
I like this mild smile and the line of sight. I like the way she wear. She dressed pleasantly pain but dignified. Also I just like grandma because it reminds me of my grandmas.
I like that she smile naturally and comfortably. I think, this woman and the artist might lover each other.
Credits: All media
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