This painting really caught my attention because of the many colors used to depict this image. The cat's eyes are exaggerated to show depth in the image. The patterns on the cat's body make it similar to the patterns and colors of the ocean. The lobster symbolizes the cat's conquer of such a little thing over such a big thing (the ocean). But really that little thing to the cat is what is fulfilling to it. The green in the cat's eyes may symbolize greed and the yellow may show awareness.
I like this piece because although the colors were all very cool, the variation caused for the painting to seem more intriguing. The use of abstract ideas on what at first seemed like a very concrete picture, shows how anything can be art, it just takes creativity and talent. It seems as though a journal is on a table among many other books, all in front of a fireplace. You can also see outlines of a galss and a bowl of grapes.
I like this piece because it makes such a busy place seem relaxing. It shows that there is always another side to things, where one person may think something is ugly and another may think it's beautiful. A coach seems to have been brought onto a sidewalk, and a man is sitting on it, as he would if it were in a living room.
I like this piece because it has a lot of detail hidden within detail of the piece. Keith Haring does a lot of his work in this type of style, especially with stick-like figures of people. The painting seems to be of a television, religion, and war. On the top left it may symbolize heaven because the person's eyes are crossed out like those of a person in a cartoon how has died. Toward s the bottom of the painting you can see fire, and people trying to escape from the ground. Also the dog may symbolize death, just like with the ancient Egyptians. War is shown through the television with the explosion and as well as with the snake and people running.
I like this piece because it seems as though it is a real photograph but the colors on the tree and grass makes it look fairy-tale like. I also like the cast of the shadow on the grass from the tree. The ocean and sunset in the background make the photograph look so mystical because of all the colors and creativity.
I like this piece because it has a lot of abstract detail in it, and it shows the setting of a place but not as a picture. The painting has a very Picasso way of design because of the everyday objects turned abstract. As you can see there is a guitar, bowl of grapes, bottle, glass, music sheet, and windows looking out onto a lake. But the objects are set in different positions so as not to be boring to the viewer. Anyone can paint a landscape and copy what has already been made, but real artwork requires creativity.
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