The Power of story telling through composition

In this online gallery we are going to examine the stories and messages behind the beautiful visuals created by great artists throughout history; and how they use composition to convey this information to the viewer.

In this painting, Francisco Goya, portrays a group of old hags sacrificing young boys to the devil. He uses a pyramid (or triangle) composition and tells a story of hypocrisy.
In this piece, the rule of thirds is used to pull the viewer to the figure that is conjoined at the back. This composition and the visuals portray someone with double intentions leading others.
In this piece Goya uses a triangular composition again and shows someone, possibly him, being tormented by nightmarish creatures.
Leonardo used the rule of thirds, though unfinished, to portray the adoration of Magi in this tranquil scene.
This piece also uses the rule of thirds to show an angel speaking to a woman.
In this painting the composition allows the viewer to see the future struggles that will condemn baby Jesus of Nazareth to the cross.
In this masterful landscape color is used masterfully to show distance and the rule of thirds is used to compose the image into a majestic window out to coast.
In this painting, the main focus are the artist's children, especially the eldest who also has an angelic appeal to her.
The composition in this scene is nearly chaotic portraying the situation that is happening in the painting.
Another painting using the rule of thirds portrays the laziness of the peasants in the village while the devil sabotages the wheats.
An awesome Japanese landscape with a tree in the center as its focus and four ships out by the horizon showing and travelers on the cliffside.
In this portrait a western artist paints a western woman in oriental garments depicting an early blend of cultures.
An amazing Japanese panel art showing two Chinese soldiers meeting in the forest; one is the famous Hua Mulan. The composition is built by multiple compositions from each panel.
Another amazing Japanese art piece depicting an old folklore, using a triangle composition.