The Art of Perspective and the Magnificence of Setting

Works chosen based on the use of perspective. Most of these works attracted me to them with the setting and how it is portrayed. 

Chosen for it's realistic depiction of large ballroom. The amount of detail is amazing when zoomed in.
I enjoyed this piece particularly due to how the color is laid out. The shipyard in the background gives a good presentation of distance.
The vanishing point is very clear in this photo. Also, the negative copy gives an interesting new look at an already interesting place. Seeing Rio in it's past is also intriguing.
I was drawn to this painting by the layers of background that give the painting a great sense of a realistic perspective.
Everything is this painting is beautiful to me. I'm specifically drawn to the mountains in the background, which look very majestic. Also the good proportioning gives a good sense of distance.
Saw this on a field trip when I was living in Chicago. Since it's Van Gogh, I already am a fan of it. The style isn't realistic, but the use of perspective gives it a 3D kind of feel.
Also saw this piece in Chicago. The vanishing points are clear.
While squinting at it, or looking from a distance, this painting almost looks like a photo. I like how the beach can be seen fading in the distance as it would in reality.
This painting caught my attention with with how it's lighting draws focus to the center. The detail on each person in the painting is fascinating.
I enjoy this painting because it looks like a place I would have loved to visited. The vanishing point in the middle gives good perspective and depth.
Also like the previous painting, this is a great depiction of a historical setting.
The style is pretty unique in this one. I enjoy the setting as well as how the color is somewhat faded.
The Arch of Constantine is a landmark I would love to see in my lifetime. It has stood for so long, and it's amazing to see how this painting proves it's magnificence has lasted for many generations
The brightness and use of light that is depicted in the painting is what attracted me to it. It also shows great architecture which I admire.
Another canal painting which gives a great depiction of perspective with the use of the vanishing point in the center.