Blue Night Of Tranquility

Most nights are depicted by blues and blacks, this gallery depicts the beauty of blue shaded nights and the calmness of the night.

This picture depicts the darkness and calmness of the night using calm, peaceful shades of blue, and darker shades as well as black to create a dark atmosphere.
This picture is a depiction of a personified night, and it uses various shades of blue and white dots to bring out the feeling of the night and stars.
The full moon is one of the most obvious ways of depicting nighttime. The full moon shining its brightest with a pure white creates a tranquil atmosphere.
This picture also uses blues to shade the sky and make it look like the night. The full moon also completes the feeling of someone looking towards the horizon.
This picture uses many shades of blue, and the sky and ocean are shaded similarly in order to create the feeling of a reflection of the night sky and the moon.
This picture also uses blues and blacks in order to stress the darkness of the night and also bring out the light from the moon and the lighter blue of the sky.
This picture depicts a frozen lake, portrayed with different shades of blues and blacks. The light in the middle is accented by the darker colors around it to give off ethereal, glowing,light effects.
This picture depicts snowy mountains using light and dark shades of blue. Because the trees on the edges of the picture are done in black, the viewer's eyes are directly drawn to the lighter sections.
This piece of art uses blacks at the front to depict a feeling of being far from the end. The 'V' shape also shows a feeling of a path towards farther places, and lighter blues draw attention.
This picture uses various shades of blue to depict a night sky, it also uses a few dashes of yellow and lighter colors to bring out the blue.
This picture uses a blue sky and a brighter foreground to suggest that the house is being lit by the moon. Also the lack of any movement shows the tranquil atmosphere.
This picture uses a blue sky, but also depicts a celebration. It uses shades of reds and oranges to show that people lit fires for celebration. Instead of being peaceful, this shows excitement.
This picture uses blues and some greens to show the bright night sky as well as stars. it also uses lighter blues and white to depict the water below. The silhouettes of people creates tranquility.
This picture uses mostly blacks and yellows with hints of blues. The bright yellow is brought out by the black, and it makes the picture brighter. The blue also give off the feeling of the night sky.
This is one of the most famous works of Vincent Van Gogh: Starry Night. This picture uses blue as the sky and uses swirls of whites and yellows to create a glow for stars, and the town looks peaceful.