Sparked emotions of precipitation

Rain and thunderstorms have always been my favorite weather. They both give me a gloomy and relaxed feeling that I enjoy greatly. These few images all remind me of those times during rain and thunderstorms.

This image is a photograph taken by Pirkle Jones. It was created in 1955. I chose this image because it reminds me of those rainy days when I would be out and about, wishing I was alone in my room.
This artwork was created by Inoue Yasuji in 1881. It was created in the Meji era. This form of art also reminds me of home. I find myself watching the cars drive by in the dark with their shining head
Pesterev Aleksandr created this artwork in 2011. This piece of contemporary art displays exactly how dark I love my room to be when it pours. Darkness allows relaxation to take over me.
This is a painting by Eugenio Lucas Velazquez that was painted in 1860. The dark clouds present in the painting makes me feel like they are foreshadowing destruction in the near future.
This painting shows the aftermath of a storm. It reminds me of how outside looks when a storm ends and passes on to the next location. The sun starts to shine again which reminds me of better days.
This is one of the most praised photographs. It sparks the feeling of a cold and rainy night in the city. It sort of makes me want a significant other to kiss as it rains, just like in the movies.
This is a British artwork by Thomas Woodword. I chose this image because the dark clouds means that rain is to come. I enjoy looking at dark and dense clouds because it makes me feel more peaceful inside.
This painting by Federic Whitaker was painted in 1967. The way he painted the vertical rain reminds me of how I would feel when it would rain while we were on the road. I would admire how the rain fell on the car windows. I was at peace.
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