Sweet Serendipity By: Malique Samuda

The theme I chose is nature and the visual theme inspiration is color. Living in New York for my favorite season is autumn because I loved how the leaves on the trees turns into different colors. Also recently living in West Indies I loved going out looking at the different trees and fruits that the island has. One of my favorite thing doing as taking pictures of the animals, plants, waterfalls and lakes.

In this painting you could see a lake with trees and mountains in the back ground. Theres also a boat on the shore and also if you look by to the water there seems to be a woman sitting on the sand.
For this painting on the bottom left you could see two persons cutting some what looks like wheat. Also by looking at the left you could see different plants like sunflowers. What I really like in this photo is the reflection of the house in the pond.
In this artwork there are two building on the mountain. By looking closely at the building its architecture looks like buildings in china. As you could see some trees have orange color leaves and the trees on the mountain have a mixture of a light and dark green.
The scene in this painting is just beautiful. From seeing the different colors on the trees to seeing the mountain in the distance. You could see a man and his dog on a rock just admiring the view or he could just e looking at the train passing the lake.
This painting of the rose and birds is creative. Seeing how the artist used different colors to make he rose example the dark blue, yellow and red. Also the birds around the rose, the painting stands out because of the colors used for it.
In the painting you could see the its winter. From seeing the snow on the roofs of the houses and road. Looking at this painting some tress has leaves and some does and also in the background there is snow on the mountains.
Looking at this painting you could see that the artist did an amazing job capturing the sunrise of the scene. example capturing the reflections on the side of the mountains and lake. By looking at this artwork you could see that its autumn from looking at the color of the trees and grass. Also looking at the bottom left you could see a bear.
This picture has the theme nature because of the different animals. Looking at this artwork you could see a lake with ducks inside of it and also look how each flower has its own colors.
The picture of the animals of Noah's Ark is amazing from making the the lions, elephants, porcupine and the birds in the tree. In the artwork you could see Noah with a tick in his hand also there are people being seen in the back. Also in the distance in the left you could see buildings.
This painting of the artwork gives a peaceful feeling. Looking at the painting you could see three persons at the bottom of the waterfall looking at the water flowing down. Even if you look at the side you see two gentleman seems to be picking something from the ground.