Natasha Krnich

color schemes

The color scheme used is complementary. Red and green are complementary colors and they are both used. The mood is happy because the colors are vibrant.
The color scheme here is monochromatic. There are different shades of grey used. It is a depressing mood because of the deep colors.
The scheme in this artwork is analogous.There are several different shades of one color. Such as the different shades of blue. The mood is exciting and happy because of all the different colors used.
Blue,red, and yellow are the colors used. This makes this art work qualify as a triadic art work. It is a fun and happy mood.
This painting has a cool scheme. It involves different shades of blues and greens. I think this painting has a boring mood because there isn't much emotion involved.
The scheme used is warm colors. There are several shades of reds and yellows used. They are bright colors so the mood is happy.
Credits: All media
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