Art Collection of Artsy Art

A Diverse Collection of Art Spanning Across Time and Space

I love this kind of art. I love the contrast of the light, tan background with the delicately crafted dark trees. I also love paintings that aren't obvious;I like a mystery and room for interpretation
I liked Renaissance art that wasn't a painting or a sculpture. I hadn't really explored chalk art before but, I found some very interesting pieces including this one that related to our material.
The amount of detail in this painting is incredible. I found that I could zoom into a 100th of the painting and see an entire story. The shadows added to this painting are beautiful as well.
The simplicity of this piece was what drew me towards it. My first thought was "This guy is bad. Why is he famous," but I realized after closer after inspection, that there was a method to the madness
This man's mustache is inspirational, but on a more serious note, I loved how the artist showed such deep emotion in the subject. The wrinkles, expression, veins, etc conveys decades of experience.
I wasn't very used to seeing paintings with this kind of Asian style that depicted more modern fights. I'm a big fan of this style of art where everything isn't too detailed but all of it is outlined
I was attracted to this piece because it was drawn completely in pen. I was fascinated by the technique used to create shading; with the use of hundreds of lines he created a seemingly solid shade.
This powerful WWII piece caught my attention because of its gruesome imagery; the name "citadel," meaning a wall or fortress really gives the packed mass of organs, limbs, and teeth new meaning.
What first drew me towards this piece was the abnormal shape of the boy/man. The artists unique style was very appealing as it depicted the character as "cute" and "baby-like"
This was my one of my favorite pieces to find; the amount of detail isn't unlike others, but it's made completely out of sand! When you zoom in you can see how seemingly impossible it is.
I'm in love with vacant rooms. You can fill them with the sound of your voice without it being muddled by objects that crowd the room. This leads outside, maybe representing the superiority of nature
The mundanity of life can be represented by the simplicity and boredom of architecture and paint schemes of public buildings and structures. This painting makes the building much more interesting.