The Embrace

The collection represents the intimate moment when two people shed their protection and become vulnerable. Each artwork has a narrative and conceals emotions that show us why the two people come together to form one.

The mother is holding her child underneath her, which shows a protective and nurturing nature. The details of the face are not clear but suggest that the son is looking towards the mother with a sad or forgiving expression. The mother looks down with a stern expression; the eyes seem to be and pouting mouth creates an angered appearance. The charcoal strokes are broad and grouped loosely and overlapped. 
Initially, it looks as if the couples are dancing, but they are skating and have no defined legs. They join together and float above the ground. The atmosphere in the rink is romantic and dream like.  The bodies are simple and are brought to life with the dots of colors that surround their figures. 
This is a different kind of embrace; the love is present between the two, but also a feeling of distrust, infidelity or a passionate hatred for one another. The blades that they each hold can represent adversity, challenges or the dark nature of their relationship.   
The man climbs up onto the balcony to kiss his beloved, is very reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The couple’s embrace can be them giving into a forbidden love; they could be exploring their feelings and acting on them. They are isolated from others, the balcony is place where they escape reality and have happiness for their own for a moment. 
From the title the couple is in the cinema; maybe on a date or this is their secret hiding place to meet. The man grabs the small of her back to bring her closer to him. Her hand caresses his head into her neck, which can develop into a kiss being shared. The clothes of the couple are similar in color which makes their bodies look like one.  Their position in the frame seems to be in the corner of the cinema away from the seats towards the back right of the painting. During the late 1980’s, the idea or presence of an interracial couple might not have widely accepted. 
The embrace symbolizes the devotion, commitment and inseparability of man and woman who have a resilient love for each other. Their hands hold their bodies as close as they can be; their faces have no details but become one from a kiss they share. There is distinction between the place where the couple is (inside) and the window they are standing at (outside). The hues from the window are white and the hues transition to black to show the location to be inside. 
The Sphinx holds the mortal man in a powerful embrace and passionate kiss where she is in control and holds him with force. The red, black and grey tones give the painting both a supernatural and erotic manner. The nudity and the surrendered stance of the man along with the exposure of the Sphinx’s breast and flowing hair suggests a sensual and X-rated theme. 
It looks as if we caught the couple in a private and intimate situation. Their bodies are interwoven and groping one another; it takes a moment to see which limbs belong to each of them because of the similar hues. Both of their faces directly look at the audience which gives them the feelings that we are intruding on a secretive moment. 
The intertwined bodies and tightly wrapped hands of the couple create an embrace that represents a sanctuary, shelter and commitment. Two people that have devoted themselves to one another in all life aspects would be pictured in this vulnerable position. 
Credits: All media
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