Colors of Natural Atmospheres - Andrew Ho

In this gallery will be images of all the different colors in the atmosphere that makes nature beautiful.  All of the colors that creates the mood of the image.

The sunset behind the mountains gives a nice and comfort lighting in the image. It shows a beautiful view down the valley under a sunset. This image briefly shows how beautiful nature is under a sunset.
In this artwork, it shows a gloomy feeling by the darkness of the sky. The colors of the sky somehow fits perfectly with how the tree is designed. Giving the artwork a scary look.
The colors of the artwork fits perfectly for a haunted scenario. With the pure black spots in the artwork its like in a place you don't want to be.
A dark and stormy night. This is what the artwork is showing here. The colors are giving out how bad the storm looks. Putting a little green/ gray in makes it look more scary.
Brightly lit by the sunlight making the artwork looking very peaceful. The whole artwork is very warm just by all of the colors in the picture.
It's like standing or being out in the middle of the desert. Or an area somewhere like in New Mexico because of the landscape drawn in the artwork. While the colors is giving a chilly feel.
With the spectacular view of the landscapes. The whole sky is drawn with the colors from the sun setting. Putting ourselves in an awe moment.
In this artwork, even though it says Hudson, the view is just like a spot near Eagle River, Alaska. Because the view is there's a river down there, and mountains on the other side of the river. The colors in the artwork are showing that fall is about to end, and winter will soon arrive.
This artwork is like being in paradise. With the colors, it gives a lukewarm feeling. The brightness of the sun is just right, and including the shadows by the trees. The artwork looks very calm, unless there are the sounds of birds chirping.
With several pockets of blue in the sky, it gives the artwork a nice brightness by the sunlight. All of the shadows are perfect throughout the whole art. The picture puts you in the image, and all you will hear are the cows and birds too a little.
Credits: All media
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