Different nature of art, Tarit panitpichetvong

This art gallery gets the resource of work from Bonnefanten Museum in Netherland and Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Texas.The artists who did the artwork presented their work nature of human, nature of animal, nature of ecology. It is not only the painted that paint in the forest or the human body can call the nature art. It can be present in the everyday life of the human, living off the animal, etc. This gallery represents a theme of nature of everything. 

Mountain Landscape with Waterfall created by Kerstiaen de Keuninck in between 1605-1601. The painted depicted about a cowherd with six cows in the forest. It shows the nature of cow eats grass to be the food. Cowherd knows the nature of cow. That is why he heard the cows in the forest that has waterfall so the cows can eat glass and drink the water in the same place.
Poultry Yard created by Christoffel Putlock in between 1660 – 1700. This artwork depicted about incursion from cat to chicken family. After the cat attacks the basket that has chicks inside, the snake is coming to eat the chicks. This artwork presents that nature of chicken. Because chicken is fragility, it can be a victim of someone who stronger than it.
Thunder Storm on Narragansett Bay created by Martin Johnson Heade in 1868. The theme of this artwork is about thunderstorm in the sea. So, one sees the picture will observe the bird fly back to the swallow’s nest. The fishermen get back from a boat. It shows the nature of animal and human know that thunderstorm is a danger. They have to get out from that place as soon as possible.
Fish Market created in 1595. It was followed by Joachim Beuckelaer. This picture depicted about the female trader sell the fish in the fish market. It also shows the customers carry the basket to buy a fish. This painted to demonstrate the nature of social of human and how human exchange the product.
Perspective Map of Fort Worth created in 1891 by Henry Wellge. This artwork painted the landscape of Texas in 1891. It shows about the personal residence and how the buildings is built. Nature of human is improving by time and place. This picture shows about the landscape that human build for living in that period.
Boston Harber created by Fit Henry Lane in 1856. This picture was depicted the different type of boats in the sea. The color on the background show the time in the image is evening. Observe from the different type of boat in the picture. It shows the nature of human that used the sea for a different purpose.
Sunrise, Yosemite Valley created by Albert Bierstadt in 1870. This image was painted in Yosemite’s vast valleys. This artwork presents the forest, lake, the mountain and the nature light. This painting shows the character of the mountain and the plant that born by its self. Also, the nature light from the sun is coming every day.
The Garden of Eden created by Thomas Cole in 1828. This image is the landscape painter of forest that has a like in the middle of picture and mountain on the background. This picture shows the nature of forest and the flower that born by its self. Also, the mountain and lake are born by itself.
Idle Hours created by William Merritt Chase in 1894. This image depicted Chase’s wife with the red hat, and his family group enjoy the relax time in the forest. This picture shows the nature of human social. Nature of human may need to relax from the work or significant social with family or friend.
The Hunter’s Return created by Thomas Cole in 1845. This image depicted about Hunter family live in the forest. It has the hunter house made of wood on the right on the picture and the vegetable garden on the left. This image shows the nature of family relies on nature of the forest.
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